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Corn Mill Key Facts

The exact date at which slitting and rolling stopped at Stanley Bank is not clear; it was for sale as a slitting mill in 1800, but historical documents show it was in use as a corn mill in 1824.

Following the conversion to a corn mill the southern water wheel was removed and the wheel pit filled in. In the northern wheel pit the western water wheel was removed and this section of the wheel pit capped by a brick vault. The eastern end was rebuilt and possibly extended. The tail race (the channel taking water away from the water wheel) was covered over, although the tail race from the southern water wheel may not have previously been open.

It is thought that the corn mill was built on top of some of the foundations of the slitting mill, but it seems that the earlier mill was demolished and the stone removed. The corn mill is thought to have been made of hand made bricks and is likely to have been two or three storeys in height if it were similar to other corn mills at the time. Historical maps show us that there would also have been other buildings around the mill for housing and storage.

Grindstones have been found on the site and also a special tile that is thought to have formed part of a drying floor in one of the buildings. This floor allowed a through flow of air in order to dry out the grain.